There was no need for yet another disc golf podcast focusing on professional players. It wasn’t our expertise, and we couldn’t provide better coverage than the existing shows anyway.

“Let’s just get behind the mics and see what happens. If we have fun, we’ll keep doing it.”

What we did have was expertise in organizing local disc golf events. We didn’t know of anyone focusing on that topic, so we started there. Week by week we decided what topics we should cover next. Sometimes, we didn’t know what we would talk about until the day of recording. In that sense, the show’s development sort of took a path of it’s own.

Sometime around episode 9 or 10 we decided it would be best to separate the show into seasons. We could reflect on what we had done and decide where to go next. For whatever reasons 15 episodes per season just seemed right. We took a lengthy hiatus between episodes 14 and 15. I guess you could say, life got in the way. When we got back together for episode 15, it was clear how much we had missed doing the show. It didn’t take long before someone suggested we create some bonus content before Season 2.

The bonus content was all a departure from our typical format. In fact, we barely talked about disc golf in either of those episodes. It was more about fun and trying something new.

With season 2 on the horizon, Jason and Ryan compiled some of our favorite moments so far. You also get a few previews of what to expect in season 2 of Unstable Discourse: a Disc Golf Podcast.

You can play the compilation right from this blog, or check it out on our YouTube page.

What were your favorite moments from season 1? Did we miss anything? Send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

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