Season 2 BONUS Episode – TWANty TWANty TWO – Located back at 933 above Embers Taphouse in Lockport – the guys finally decided to do a bonus episode and wrangled your favorite Trinity Shed-lifer and this year’s Delly Emcee Anthony ‘Twan’ Rodriguez onto the mic.  Twan settles down with his 4th or 9th ol’ fashioned (who’s counting) while they all bask in the afterglow of the Delly’s and what made it such a magical night. 

They introduce the new putting league ‘Hellwood’ and what we can all expect from the new Hells Gate Haunted Mansion venue.   They also get way deep into a mailbag question about the new disc golf contracts floating around.  Alex is surprised, but not shocked at an hours worth of fart sounds, Sean looks to Sheila to help keep his body together for the upcoming season, and Jason gets overly aroused at a peek under Ryan’s shirt.   (warning: explicit language was not censored in this episode)

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Season 2 BONUS Episode – TWANty TWANty TWO