Season 3 Episode 1 – Athree to Disathree: The boys are back, baby!  From the board room at 933 above Embers Tap house in Lockport, IL, the guys have finally decided they like each other enough to get things back on track for season 3.  Its just the four of them on the mics this time, accompanied in studio by the ever present Sheila Callahan and Lauren Lakeberg.  

Discussion meanders through all topics, including what was missed since the end of last season and what can be expected from 2022.   The guys get way too deep into the financials of dying discs, and ask for help from the Honorable Judge Jason.  Sean takes the lead on analyzing this year’s uDisc course stats and the top 10 courses in the world.  Alex talks fight club, Ryan likes girls, and Jason tells us about the new GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME.

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Season 3 Episode 1 – Athree to Disathree

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