As a young disc golf podcast, we still get to experience a lot of groundbreaking moments. For example, our first ever lady guest is on this episode. Also, our first intro from a female professional disc golfer. Actually there were a lot of “firsts” in this episode including the first time we wore pants while recording.

For the listeners (and for ourselves) we wanted to shine a light on the ladies side of disc golf. We knew we needed to recruit a lady for that mission… Amy Laskowski rose to the challenge. Not only was it our first time having a lady guest, it was Amy’s first time on any podcast. HOWEVER, as a listener you would never know. She simply knocked it out of the park. The girl is what you call “a natural”.

Not only was she a natural on the mic, her perspective was immediately inspiring. She brought issues and insights to light that male disc golfers need to hear. We’re already brainstorming ways to help push the ladies side of disc golf further. We fully expect listeners to feel the same way. Find out for yourself on Episode 6 of Unstable Discourse.

Disc golf events for women are growing in demand and popularity
2019 Feather Frenzy

Episode 6 Highlights

Trivia corner

On the last episode Jason challenged listeners to figure out our favorite movies. He helped steer them in the right direction with a single clue from each movie. It was Mr. Kyle Greenfield who nailed all 3 movies correctly and earned himself a brand new hat from Unstable Disc Golf Gear. Side note about Kyle, he also says he’s willing to get the Unstable Discourse logo tattooed on his body. Time will tell whether he means business or not…

Fired up!

Alex is fired up about a new springtime disc golf playlist. Sean is fired up about the new gold course under construction in Joliet. Ryan and Amy are fired up about registrations for the 2020 Feather Frenzy. Jason is fired up about mixing barbecue sauce with ranch.

Calendar Run Down

Qarantine Qualifier: May 9th – May 31st

Unstable Open 2 – June 13th

Fraction Run Cup 2 – June 7th